They agree to strengthen the relationship between the two associations.

The president of the Association for the Commercial Promotion of the Port of Huelva (HuelvaPort), Antonio Ponce, has held a meeting with the president and manager of Freshuelva, Alberto Garrocho, and Rafael Domínguez, respectively, in which he highlighted the important and intense work carried out by HuelvaPort in the promotion of the Port of Huelva and the companies of the port community, through the organisation of trade missions and attendance at national and international events.

Likewise, the president of HuelvaPort emphasised that these commercial actions publicise the activity of the Port of Huelva and the companies associated with HuelvaPort, which comprise a comprehensive range of services, as well as being attended by a large business representation which contributes to boosting competitiveness and the generation of new business synergies around the port of Huelva.

In this context, Ponce has assured that the strength of HuelvaPort lies in bringing together a very complete set of companies belonging to different sectors such as maritime services, logistics and transport, industry, mining, engineering, energy and services, together with different organisations and institutions such as the Association of Chemical Industries, Basic and Energy Industries (AIQBE), the Port Authority of Huelva (APH), the Chamber of Commerce of Huelva and the Huelva Business Federation (FOE), Basic and Energy Industries Association (AIQBE), the Huelva Port Authority (APH), the Huelva Chamber of Commerce and the Huelva Federation of Employers (FOE), which makes HuelvaPort an opportunity for other companies and organisations that decide to form part of this association linked to the Port of Huelva.

The presidents of HuelvaPort and Freshuelva have agreed to strengthen the relationship between the two associations, which represent the port community of Huelva and the soft fruit producing and exporting sector, respectively.

In this sense, the president of Freshuelva, Alberto Garrocho, emphasised that one of the association’s main objectives is to open up new market channels for Huelva berries and also to optimise transport times to their destination, for which maritime traffic is fundamental.

Garrocho recalled that more than 90% of Huelva’s red fruits are exported mainly to Europe, although the aim is to establish new commercial routes that will make it possible to increase exports and provide an outlet for red fruits that are in great demand, as is the case with the recent opening of the Canadian market for Huelva strawberries.

Brazil, the Middle East and taking advantage of the potential of a market as important as China are priority objectives for Freshuelva, which has stressed the importance of bringing berries closer through maritime traffic with the enormous possibilities offered by the Port of Huelva.