With a capacity to store 78,000 tonnes of goods, the new 11,700 m² facilities will allow more efficient and sustainable operations.

Huelva, 28th June 2022.- The Port of Huelva has taken a further step on the way of growth and consolidation of its activity with the inauguration by BERGÉ, one of the main concessionaires of the Port of Huelva, of a mechanised terminal for solid bulk at its facilities in the Huelva Exterior Port. The event was attended by the president of the Huelva Port Authority, María del Pilar Miranda, together with the president of BERGÉ, Jaime Gorbeña and Juan Aguirre, managing director.

The president of the Port of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, expressed her satisfaction at the inauguration of these “new and modern installations which demonstrate the moment of growth which the port is experiencing thanks to one of our most important concessionaires, BERGÉ”. During his speech, Miranda emphasised that in view of the growth and diversification of port activity in Huelva, “we are supporting this Port Community, with optimal locations, ideal logistical infrastructures, both for their location and for providing the necessary services”. “Due to their characteristics, the port facilities allow you and the rest of the concessionaires to carry out the main supply, production and shipping processes in the same space, and, therefore, in a much more efficient way, making them more competitive in the international market”.  Miranda also recalled that the Port of Huelva has recently carried out a process of modernisation of the Ingeniero Juan Gonzalo and Ciudad de Palos wharfs to guarantee the sustainability of port operations.

This opens a new stage in the presence of BERGÉ in the Port of Huelva, whose new facilities improve operational performance in the unloading, transport, weighing and storage of goods from bulk carriers.

At the same time, it minimises crane manoeuvring times, increases the storage capacity of the current surface area and enables more efficient port transit, allowing BERGÉ to offer customers a more modern and competitive terminal in which productivity, sustainability, efficiency and safety are key. 

This investment in the Port of Huelva is evidence of BERGÉ’s commitment to Huelva as a benchmark entry point for goods in southern Spain and, in parallel, to a sector as strategic as the agri-food sector, where it occupies a prominent position as a logistics operator for these products, handling an average of 7.5 million tonnes per year from its 26 ports in Spain and Bayonne (France).