The Port Authority proposes an ambitious plan with a view to extracting its full potential in the year 2050

Huelva will grow at the same rate as its port. Historically this has been the case. Huelva’s greatest economic advantage is its access to the sea and its strategic location at the junction of three continents, as a means of exporting its excellent products and the arrival of wealth, culture and new ideas.

For years, the Port of Huelva has been much more than its traditional industrial vocation. With accelerating steps, it seeks its definitive union with the city, its diversification with the transport of goods, to strengthen its tourist attraction for the arrival of cruise ships or to serve as a transforming platform for its industries for the creation of an energy and industrial cluster based on green energy. Obsessed with being sustainable and respectful not only of its marine environment but also of the environmental jewel that is the Marismas del Odiel Natural Park.

And all this is specified in the new Strategic Plan of the Huelva Port Authority presented in 2023 but which sets out projects up to 2030 and sets a horizon of 2050 to achieve its objectives, by which date Huelva will have changed definitively.

The port plan is structured around three axes: to become an energy and industrial cluster; to position itself as a logistic and intermodal port and to advance as a sustainable port from an environmental, economic and social point of view.

Information by: Huelva Información.

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