The 3rd HuelvaPort Logistics Awards have also been presented.

Huelva, 14th July 2022. The 6th General Assembly of HuelvaPort carried out today a balance of the commercial actions carried out jointly with the Port of Huelva, as well as the planning of future actions. During the session, which was attended by more than 30 members, a review of all the commercial events attended by the organisation related to different markets and sectors was made, with the aim of continuing to position the Port of Huelva as an international reference in the movement of solid and liquid bulk cargo, as well as to strengthen its position in the logistics chain for general, conventional, containerised and roll-on/roll-off cargo and to grow in the luxury cruise segment.

The Assembly was headed by Antonio Ponce, president of HuelvaPort, and was attended by the president of the Port of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, who expressed her gratitude to the companies of the port community for their involvement and continuous work to generate wealth and employment in Huelva, as well as their efforts to offer the markets a complete range of services. Miranda stressed the importance of continuing to work “jointly with HuelvaPort to take advantage of synergies and strengthen the range of services offered in the logistics and port area to position the Port of Huelva as a reference node in southwest Europe”.

Similarly, Antonio Ponce acknowledged the support and commitment of the Port Authority of Huelva and Pilar Miranda to the port community, highlighting the importance of bringing together synergies around the Port of Huelva, to promote and strengthen the Port as an important engine of the economy of the region, and the need to strengthen ties around the various industrial, energy, mining, liquid and solid bulk logistics, maritime services, engineering, road transport and ancillary services.  Ponce thanked the president of the Port for her willingness to work with HuelvaPort and “her commendable work of involvement and that of all her management team in visiting the associates, concessionaires of the Port, to get to know their needs first-hand”.

HuelvaPort and the Port of Huelva participate in some twenty commercial events to promote the positioning of the Port in the different markets.

Among the events held in the first half of 2022, we can highlight the presentation at the Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami of the Levante Wharf remodelling project, the trade mission to the Port of Sines and the presentation of the Ruta1400 Huelva-Canarias, among others.

The occasion was also chosen to present the 3rd edition of the HuelvaPort Logistics Awards, which on this occasion will have two categories and a special mention:

  • HuelvaPort Sustainable Logistics Award. Business initiatives of HuelvaPort associates that contemplate, in a balanced way, results related to energy transition, environment, business sustainability and social impact will be valued.
  • HuelvaPort Award for Efficient, Intelligent and Connected Logistics, which will be awarded to business initiatives of HuelvaPort associates that consider, in a balanced way, outstanding results in the field of management, operations and in the business model, through innovation, digitalisation and operational efficiency.
  • Manuel Vega Honourable Mention for Strategic and Commercial Initiative. Destined to organisations and companies (not necessarily associated with Huelvaport), which have stood out for promoting a strategic and commercial initiative, which contributes to the growth of activity in the Port of Huelva.

To conclude, Antonio Ponce made an assessment of the HuelvaPort 2022 Action Plan, in order to be able to continue to respond to the interests of the companies in the port community.

During this year, HuelvaPort has received new incorporations of partners that complete the portfolio of the port community that HuelvaPort represents, thus increasing competitiveness and expanding services to the port’s global customers. In this sense, HuelvaPort and the Port of Huelva continue to work to promote projects that bring with them new opportunities for wealth and growth, also having an impact on the growth of companies in the port community.