Servicios y Mantenimientos Joga is the leading company in the industrial cleaning sector in the province of Huelva. Specialised in chemical, oil refining and energy industries.
Some of these services are:
– High pressure cleaning of industrial equipment and piping.
– Cleaning of premises and offices.
– Cleaning of sewage treatment ponds
– Ship surface cleaning, hydrodecapping and other services in the shipbuilding sector.
– Cleaning of photovoltaic panels.
– Cold cutting of equipment enclosures and pipes by hydrocutting with very high pressure water.
– Hydrodemolition
– Emptying, cleaning and unblocking of manholes, drainage network pipes, septic tanks, canals…
– Spill collection.
– Extraction and/or loading of dry waste. Catalyst, sands, dust…
– Transport and logistics. Crane trucks, container trucks, forklift trucks, auxiliary personnel…
– Civil works, earthworks, excavations…
– Waste management.


Polígono Industrial Nuevo Puerto Calle L, nº 12, CP: 21810 Palos de la Frontera – Huelva


+34 959 35 03 31