With more than 20 years of experience, Hitsein is the reference company in customs and excise management in Spain.

The company’s goal is to always offer the best solutions to its customers’ needs in the hydrocarbon and alcoholic beverage sectors.

Its services are provided in a personalised manner by a team of specialists in the field, which allows them to know the characteristics of each business and meet the needs of customers, establishing a close collaboration with them.


Hitsein’s services are mainly targeted at companies dealing with excisable products, in particular mineral oils and alcoholic beverages.

HYDROCARBONS (motor fuels, fuels, biofuels, additives, lubricants, petrochemicals, etc…)

  • Traders – Operators – Storage depots – Producers – Distributors – Service stations – Final consumers

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES (wines, beers, intermediates and spirits)

  • Elaborators – Importers – Distributors – Exporters – Wholesalers


C/Palaudaries 11-13, Bajos int., 08004 Barcelona


+34 935 677 690