Fesava was set up in Huelva at the end of 1989, and started its activity within the facilities of the La Rábida Refinery on 14 June 1990, its mission being the transport and movement of dangerous goods by rail.

The beginning of this activity was initially focused on the movement of asphalt trains and with only one locomotive, which was acquired from the Port Authority of Huelva and which, after arduous repair and restoration work, was put into operation by our technical service.

The main activity of our company is focused on the purely industrial field and specifically on logistics work for large factories and companies that need a fleet of reliable, safe and, in short, highly qualified and professional transport elements.

Our work is marked by the movement and transport of manufactured goods, loading and unloading of trains, tank trucks, the movement of wagons with locomotives and the performance of other ancillary work related to logistics.


C/ Palos de la Frontera, 15 3º A 21003 Huelva