Ferronol is a company dedicated mainly to industrial cleaning and environmental management. The functions of the Industrial Cleaning Division are the removal of all types of dirt by manual or mechanical procedures, collection, transfer and evacuation of waste, cleaning of cisterns and pressurised water tanks, cleaning of large surfaces by sweeping with high-pressure water lances, cleaning and disinfection of water tanks, cisterns, tanks, emptying, cleaning and unblocking of manholes, mains pipes, septic tanks, canals, cleaning of waste water treatment ponds, high pressure cleaning of industrial equipment and pipes (columns, exchangers, cooling towers, furnaces…). )

It also has an Environment division whose functions include hazardous waste management and transport, selective collection, renewable energy, R&D, sludge transport manager, intermediate manager of hazardous and non-hazardous waste and sludge treatment manager.


Pg El Polvorín calle C Nave IB 34 CP: 21007 Huelva


+34 902 88 58 20