Alex Huelva is a company of recognized prestige in the industrial cleaning sector. It is considered one of the leading companies in terms of experience, specialization, speed of response and quality of service.

We focus on providing a quality and professional service, actively helping organizations and companies to improve their image and promote cleanliness and maintenance for the good of people and the environment, improving operational efficiency and commitment to the environment.

Alex Huelva, has a multidisciplinary staff of personnel sufficiently qualified to successfully perform the specific tasks to which our company is dedicated. Its development has been focused on a clear intention to specialize, with the application of strict quality procedures, investing in the training and occupational safety of workers, and in the continuous monitoring and supervision of the work we do.

We are a one hundred percent Huelva company at the service of Huelva and its companies. Our work is based on transparency, and for this we take great care of our image, the quality of our products, legality, environmental responsibility, the way our workers act and the optimization of all our methods and adaptation to new technologies.

Our company offers a wide range of services that are backed by more than 25 years of experience in the maintenance and industrial cleaning sector, as well as the provision of all kinds of complementary services to industrial and port activities. We have a wide range of services among which we can highlight the cleaning of roads, urban signage and gardens, port services, special services to ships and others focused on environmental protection and conditioning.

Alex Huelva also satisfies other activities aimed at the cleaning of official and company vehicles, road transport of goods, rental of machinery, vats and containers, storage of goods and machinery, distribution and waste management, etc…


C/ Joaquín Turina, 27, 21001- Huelva


959 242 593