It will award prizes for business innovation, sustainable growth initiative and excellence in logistics.

The Association for the Commercial Promotion of the Port of Huelva (HuelvaPort) has announced the second edition of the HuelvaPort Logistics Awards, with the aim of rewarding the commitment to improving the competitiveness of companies in the port environment and highlighting the efforts of companies to innovate and add value to the logistics chain.


The HuelvaPort Logistics Awards comprise three categories. Among them, a prize for business innovation, aimed at companies associated with HuelvaPort that have stood out for the implementation of an innovative project, contributing to the improvement of the company’s competitiveness. Secondly, the prize for the sustainable growth initiative will go to the business growth project undertaken by a company associated with HuelvaPort, which is also environmentally friendly.

Finally, an award for excellence in logistics will be given to any national or international logistics company that has stood out for its expansion, internationalisation or contribution to the logistics sector.


The president of HuelvaPort, Antonio Ponce, highlighted the importance of this event, as it is an incentive to promote the improvement of the production processes of the companies in the port community, as well as encouraging participation in the field of associationism and generating added value to the image of the winners. For these reasons, Ponce encouraged the companies associated with HuelvaPort and logistics companies in general to participate in this call.


Companies will have until 30 November at 14.00 hours of the current year to submit their applications via e-mail;


The first two categories (Business Innovation Award and Sustainable Growth Initiative Award) are aimed at companies associated with HuelvaPort with the aim of encouraging their efforts to improve their activity and competitiveness for the benefit of the entire port community by generating wealth and employment in the Port of Huelva.


The third modality is aimed at any national or international company operating in the logistics sector. This category aims to reward companies that are committed to achieving excellence in their activity, in such a way that they serve as a model for other companies in the sector and also contribute to generating value for the sector as a whole.


Companies may submit their candidacy by sending an e-mail to the HuelvaPort Technical Office specifying the category in which they are participating and explaining their project, highlighting the characteristics that justify its submission to a specific category.


The jury is made up of the president of HuelvaPort, Antonio Ponce, the director of the HuelvaPort Technical Office, Manuel Vega, the technical-commercial manager of the HuelvaPort Technical Office, Ana Martín, the maritime captain, Alejandro Andray, and the head of the Provincial Customs and Excise Office, José Carlos Ruibaldeflores.


The winning companies will receive an award, which will be presented at a public event.


Winners of the first edition

In the first edition of the HuelvaPort Logistics Awards, the prize for business innovation went to a company that has modernised its operations through an innovative project. The company Yilport Huelva, which operates the Muelle Sur terminal in the Port of Huelva, has been awarded this prize for the implementation of the Navis N4 system, Terminal Operation System, considered to be the most qualified in the container industry, according to Yilport, which involves the application of technology and this computer application to control and manage all the operations of its activity, especially the safe and efficient loading and unloading of containers. The company also uses an IP CCTV with direct connection to the global logistics centre at its head office in Lisbon (Portugal). Finally, the company is expanding the container yard and its platform from 30,000 to 50,000 square metres in 2020.


Yilport Huelva belongs to Yilport Holding, a Turkish multinational of the Yildirim Group, which manages port terminals in different parts of the world.


Secondly, the prize for the sustainable growth initiative, for the environmentally friendly growth business project, was awarded to the companies Transromán and Termisur Eurocargo.


Transromán is a family company dedicated to the transport of goods by road with a long history of more than 40 years, which has allowed it to diversify its activity towards the transport of different types of goods. The company has adapted to market demand, specialising in the transport of dangerous goods and waste. In recent years, it has added refrigerated transport to its fleet to meet the demands of the fruit and vegetable sector. In recent years, it has added refrigerated transport to its fleet to meet the demands of the fruit and vegetable sector.


Throughout all these years, the company has modernised, with a large fleet of lorries and the recent inauguration of a logistics centre in La Palma del Condado (Huelva). Its growth has been sustainable because of its commitment to quality and the environment in its activity after implementing an integrated quality and environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.


The jury also decided to award a prize in this category to the company Termisur Eurocargo, which operates the Majarabique rail terminal and has a container line between the Port of Huelva and the Canary Islands, a process in which the company has reduced transport time, transit time, and has opted to reduce the carbon footprint through the combination of various modes of transport such as ship and train. In fact, in 2017 it launched a train line from Majarabique to Muelle Sur and a train from El Abroñigal (Madrid) to Huelva. It also exchanged the Kalina for the faster and larger Anna Marie. Its commitment to intermodality has led it to add a second train departure from El Abroñigal-Huelva in 2019, thus transferring goods from the road to the train and reducing the carbon footprint of transport. Similarly, in shipping they are aware of the need to implement the IMO 2020 standard for the reduction of sulphur emissions into the atmosphere.


Finally, the award for excellence in logistics went to the company E4efficiency, a spin-off of the Enagás S.A. group, for its project Eco-logística refrigerada del sur, and its contribution to the logistics sector, as it has developed a system for recovering the cold from the gas regasification process, which will facilitate the use of cold in the modal exchange in the transport chain. The project has been presented in collaboration with Ariema, a technological spin-off of the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA), a benchmark in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in Spain, with headquarters in Madrid and Huelva.


This system will be applied in the cold Hub that the Port of Huelva is promoting in the South Quay, from where containers of refrigerated goods will be able to leave by ship or by road. On the other hand, the company has developed a system for supplying hydrogen in transport.


E4efficiency, promoter of energy efficiency projects in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Regasification Plants, focuses its efforts on achieving two ambitious objectives: on the one hand, the supply of ecological cold from residual energy to companies in the agri-food and industrial logistics sector established in port areas, and on the other hand, enabling the supply of green hydrogen to business projects that want to implement a hydrogen refuelling station for vehicles powered by this gas through fuel cells and batteries.


Both projects seek to favour logistics and the revitalisation of the port area, also establishing zero consumption targets, in line with the sustainable development objectives of the European Union and thereby promoting the creation of quality jobs in the province of Huelva.